Sovereign Grace

Panama, Colombia, San Blas Sailing Since 2014


Sovereign Grace is the second boat in the fleet. She is even bigger at 74ft and 60 tonnes. She joined Wild Card in 2014 due to huge demand for another quality trip and has been a great success.

The forward deck area is huge, allowing everyone to relax while at anchor or when sailing. 21 berths are available in shared cabins, private twins/doubles. She recently underwent a major re-fit extending passenger space in a fully enclosed aft area so there is even more space for passengers.

Sovereign Grace is a great choice for all types for adventure travellers and backpackers, including couples, solo backpackers and groups.

Just like Wild Card the captaincy rotates and the boat has a full commercial licence to operate legally

Sovereign Grace Information

From $600.00 Per Person

74ft / 23m. Steel Offshore Vessel

21 Passenger Spaces

Sailing San Blas Since 2014