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Wild Card Sailing offers one of the most popular Panama To Colombia sailboat trips available, not too mention one of the most experienced in the industry.

Join us on one of our incredible voyages between Colombia and Panama. Experience pirate parties on the beach, great food, snorkelling, swimming, relaxing and meet some new friends along the way. Discover the amazing Islands of the San Blas archipelago and the fascinating culture of the indigenous inhabitants.

Upcoming Trip Dates

Puerto Lindo, Panama To Cartagena, Colombia

10th August – Wild Card

14th August – Sovereign Grace

30th August – Wild Card

4th September – Sovereign Grace

20th September – Wild Card

25th September – Sovereign Grace

9th October – Wild Card

15th October – Sovereign Grace

28th October – Wild Card

7th November – Sovereign Grace

16th November – Wild Card

28th November – Sovereign Grace

4th December – Wild Card

17th December – Sovereign Grace

24th December – Wild Card

5th January – Sovereign Grace

12th January – Wild Card

24th January – Sovereign Grace

1st February – Wild Card

14th February – Sovereign Grace

19th February – Wild Card

5th March – Sovereign Grace

13th March – Wild Card

23rd March – Sovereign Grace

2nd April – Wild Card

13th April – Sovereign Grace

22nd April – Wild Card

Cartagena, Colombia To Puerto Lindo, Panama

20th August – Wild Card
10th September – Wild Card

15th September – Sovereign Grace

30th September – Wild Card

7th October – Sovereign Grace

18th October – Wild Card

25th October – Sovereign Grace

6th November – Wild Card

18th November – Sovereign Grace

26th November – Wild Card

7th December – Sovereign Grace

16th December – Wild Card

28th December – Sovereign Grace

2nd January – Wild Card

15th January – Sovereign Grace

23rd January – Wild Card

3rd February – Sovereign Grace

10th February – Wild Card

26th February – Sovereign Grace

29th February – Wild Card

14th March – Sovereign Grace

24th March – Wild Card

2nd April – Sovereign Grace

13th April – Wild Card

22nd April – Sovereign Grace