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Motorcycle Shipping


Motorcycle shipping to Colombia is easy with Wild Card Sailing. Our boats are fully legal, Panamanian registered commercial vessels. This means we can provide you with all the correct documents to enable you to transport your vehicle without fear of being impounded by customs officials, either in Panama or Colombia.

You will be present for the whole loading and unloading procedure and you can enjoy a FIVE night trip on board with our other guests, which includes a three day San Blas experience. We have transported over 250 motorcycles over the years operating the Panama, San Blas, Colombia route.

Please read our guide below which explains the process in full then simply use our reservation request form to check availability and prices.


  • Passenger and motorcycle transport

  • Five nights accommodation onboard

  • All meals, tea, coffee and water

  • All loading and unloading costs

Not Included

  • Entry visa/fees to Colombia (Most people do not require however please check)

  • Guna Yala Congresso taxes $20USD

  • Any Insurance or taxes for the motorcycle

  • Agent fees in Cartagena ($100USD)

Step 1: Paperwork

After your reservation has been confirmed we will send you a ‘Bill Of Lading’ document to print. You will be required to show this during the following steps. We will need you to send us a scan of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Vehicle title papers
  • Vehicle registration

Step 2: Inspection


Dirección de Investigación Judicial, Panama City 8.966422, – 79.544762


08:00am, 7- 2 days before departure*

Documents Required: ‘

  • Bill Of Lading
  • Passport
  • Vehicle Documents



You will need the bike inspected by DIJ in Panama City. This is a branch of the National Police. Explain to them you are preparing to ship the vehicle from Panama and require an inspection and relevant papers.

*The latest this can be done is two working days before departure. They are only available Mon-Fri early in the morning,  so if your departure date is at the weekend or on a Monday/Tuesday you will need to plan accordingly. You can do this earlier if you wish however the papers they issue you with are only valid for 7 days

Step 3: Customs


Colon – Autoridad Nacional de Aduanas


Day before departure*

Documents Required:

  • Bill of Laning document (+ 3 copies)
  • Passport (+ 3 copies)
  • Temporary import permit (+ 3 copies)
  • Vehicle title documents (+ 3 copies)
  • Inspection documents from DIJ  (+ 3 copies)
  • Insurance Documents purchased entering Panama (+ 3 copies)



After the DIJ inspection is complete you will need to go to the city of Colon customs in order to cancel your temporary import permit which you would have been issued entering the country. You won’t have time to do this the same day as the DIJ inspection. Its important to also only visit the Colon customs office as this is the nearest to the departure location and they are experienced dealing with this type of vehicle shipping.

* The latest this can be done is one working day before departure. They are only available Mon-Fri,  so if your departure date is at the weekend or on a Monday you will need to plan accordingly.

Step 4: Loading


Casa X Restaurant/Hotel, Puerto Lindo


08:00 – Morning of Departure



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We recommend staying in or near Puerto Lindo the night before departure. There are a few budget places you can find online.

There are no banks on that area of the coast of Panama, so make sure you have withdrawn everything in advance to pay the final balance and Guna Yala congresso fee.

The loading process will involve lowering the bike into a local ‘panga’, then taking it out to the the boat waiting in the bay and winching it onto the deck with halyards. This will look a bit scary at first. Try not to be too concerned and remember its been done a few hundred times before.

You should make sure to have some WD-40, and as light amount of fuel as possible in the tanks.

It is up to you if you want to use a tarpaulin to cover the bike or not. The sea air will still get at the moto however there is often a few showers of rain along the way that will give it rinse if you don’t have the bike covered.

Step 5: Arrival In Cartagena


Manga, Cartagena de Indias

Required Documents:

  • Bill of Lading document
  • Passport
  • Vehicle title documents
  • Inspection documents from DIJ in Panama
  • All docs from customs in Panama
  • Colombian vehicle insurance (SOAT) You can purchase on arrival

Marine Agent Cost:

$100 USD per vehicle

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There have been recent cases of illegal operators shipping motorcycles that had not been given clearance to either leave Panama or be unloaded in Colombia. Because of this customs officials refuse any vehicle owner to process the customs paperwork individually. Motorcycles can only be unloaded from the boat onto land after primary documents have been submitted and authorised by customs via a marine agent. The cost is $100USD per vehicle

You will also need to buy Colombian vehicle insurance (SOAT) on arrival before the full process can be completed.

Please note that if your arrival falls on a weekend or holiday this means unloading may not be possible for a few days until offices re-open.

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