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Sovereign Grace


Sovereign Grace is the second boat in the fleet. She is even bigger at 74ft and 60 tonnes. She joined Wild Card in 2014 due to huge demand for another quality trip, and has been a great success.

The forward deck area is huge, allowing everyone to relax while at anchor or when sailing. 21 berths are available in shared cabins, private twins/doubles and the saloon area

Just like Wild Card this boat has a full commercial licence to operate and passes all safety requirements and inspections by the regulating authorities


Sovereign Grace’s captain is James (Chappy). He is another popular skipper with plenty of experience in San Blas and elsewhere.

James is originally from California, boating his whole life on sail and motor yachts. Five years ago James said goodbye to the corporate life and set sail from his home in Boston to the San Blas islands, where he has been running charter boats and exploring the islands ever since.

The boat always has plenty of crew on board to look after guests and keep a smooth running operation.

(Occasionally other experienced contracted captains are used when James is on vacations)

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