Wild Card is a 60ft/18m, sturdy, steel hulled vessel, meaning she is one of the few boats that will sail the waters between San Blas and Cartagena all year round. Weighing in at 40 tonnes she provides much less bumpy ride in comparison to a smaller fibreglass sailboat. Wild Card has a large deck space including an awning, ideal for lounging while anchored in the islands. 16 to 18 passengers can be accommodated so there is always a good mix of personalities and a fun atmosphere on board.

Guna Yala is an autonomous territory or comarca comprised of aproximately 350 islands off the coast of Panama, plus some territory on the mainland. The inhabitants of the San Blas Islands, as they are often called are indigenous indian people with their own laws, language congresso and distinct culture.

John has been sailing in the region for six years, running popular backpacker sailing trips to between Colombia and Panama for most of that time. He has a great relationship with the the inhabitants of the islands he visits who always provide a warm welcome when Wild Card drops anchor nearby.